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Vera 2.0

PostPosted: Thu Jan 05, 2017 3:25 am
by Joatrash
Hey guys. Just a preview for now. Apologies for the crappy photo but I didn't have good lighting.


This is my version 2 of Vera. All parts except the receiver and shells were made by me in my "closet-workshop" with the help of my 3d printer. The entire rifle was overhauled as I've noticed a ton of little things I missed in my first version. (I also had to leave some details out in the first one since I wasn't doing the parts myself and needed to simplify the plans.) I know a lot of folks will think that V1 was cooler since it was all metal, but I'm much more proud of this version since I made it completely in-house. It also has the added bonus of being light enough to walk around with, though it's still surprisingly heavy.

Detail improvements:

Remade stock
Buttplate has added detail
Mounting plates added detail
Scope rails are more accurate
Correct scope (duh)
Grip shape is MUCH better and has a ton of more details
Trigger guard added detail
Magwell is more accurate with asymmetric detailing
Added magazine latches
Foregrip pieces all have added details, grooves redone
Added barrel folding lock
Muzzle has redone holes, slips over silencer and is pinned in place
Receiver is now a Cyma AK74 airsoft which is much closer to the Saiga than the Denix. (It also has the side scope rail)

Functionality improvements:
Barrel folds and locks (!) in place
Magazine can be removed and locks in place
Trigger and safety work better (airsoft AK74 instead of a Denix 47)
Bullets can be more easily removed
Barrel can be removed for packing and moving

One cool thing is that the parts can now be set up to make an accurate Showtime version of the gun. I chose to glue a couple things in place, so I can't tear it down any longer in this copy but I could've used mostly screws and enabled more teardown options.

Things still to do:
Various tweaks, add eyepiece, trigger guard bar, all the screws and hardware. I also redid the bullet slugs, but for nostalgic reasons decided to keep the imperfect hand-turned versions from my first attempt in 2008.

I'll take some better photos once it's done.

Re: Vera 2.0

PostPosted: Thu Jan 05, 2017 4:24 am
by Yellowjacket
It just keeps getting better. Fantastic detail. I still want to make a tactical black version of this one day.

Re: Vera 2.0

PostPosted: Fri Jan 06, 2017 2:10 am
by pennausamike
Just another super rendition of VERA, Joe.
Given how light 3-D printed parts are,
it is a testament to the number and complexity of parts that it still has some weight to it at all.

Carry on!


Re: Vera 2.0

PostPosted: Sat Jan 07, 2017 7:41 pm
by AZSneed
I'm impressed on how good it looks, keep up the good work!