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Pens and Such...

Episode 7 - Jaynestown

Pens and Such...

Postby talynthia5280 » Fri Mar 08, 2013 10:54 pm

Hello! I collect/repair/make older style fountain and dip and quill pens. Noticed that the only two people that are ever really shown writing anything is River and Inara. Inara is practicing hanzi/kanji calligraphy and River "fixes" Book's Bible. The pens and pencils appear to be modern Sharpies and Ticonderoga pencils with the labels turned away or taken off. However, River is holding a fountain/dip pen. It looks like a Schaeffer desk set pen, the kind that lives in a brass or silver sleeve mounted in a block of marble or agate. I have several. The top photo is just like my set, the second one is for scale and I have one like it too.

Schaeffer Desk Pen.JPG


Does anyone know if I'm close? I'll have to check my Blu-rays to see how the nib (writing end) looks to double check the style and make.

Does anyone else think about how the non-tech/core planets wrote and recorded stuff? Did most of the 'verse go back to handmade/mass produced paper and leather bound journals with wax/ink stamps like most of Earth That Was, pre-20th century?


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Re: Pens and Such...

Postby taimdala » Sun Apr 07, 2013 10:15 pm

Ooooh.....Art Supplies.

My favorite subject!

I thought that perhaps Rotring Art Pens would fit the bill, but no--the nibs have a collar that is shaped differently from your examples.
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