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new books on the 'verse

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new books on the 'verse

Postby Fanfromthefirst » Wed Feb 14, 2018 4:19 am

Marc Sumerak
Hidden Universe Travel Guides: Firefly: The 'Verse
Released Aug. 14th

Marc Sumerak
The Serenity Handbook: The Official Crew Member's Guide to the Firefly-Class Series 3 Ship
http://www.amazon.com/dp/1683830652/_en ... M82Q&psc=0
Released July 3rd

Monica Valentinelli
Firefly Encyclopedia
Released October 30th
The blurb says,
" The Firefly Encyclopedia is a lavish guide to Joss Whedon's much-loved creation. The book includes a detailed timeline of events, in-depth character studies from Badger to Zoe, a guide to the science of the show, and sections of script with accompanying notes from the author. Alongside all of this are countless images of the characters, ships, weapons, props and sets. This is a must-have item for all fans of the 'Verse."

Thoughts ????? Especially on the "Encyclopedia"???
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