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All about us. What we do in the real world........

Talk about anything Firefly related...

All about us. What we do in the real world........

Postby Badger » Thu May 28, 2009 1:23 pm

I thought it might be fun to find out what we all do for a living, for fun, whatever.

I'll happily go first.

My name is Karl and I'm an a.......... Wait, wrong meeting.

I'm Karl, British, 45.
Born in England, grew up in Hong Kong. I was a commercial deep sea diver working in the South China Sea, then a scuba diving instructor in Thailand, then a Fireman in London, since 1992 I'm a make up and creature effects designer in the film industry. I have a small custom leatherworking business on the side, called 'Skin-Job'.
I have a keen interest in Firefly. I am owner and curator of the Firefly Archive and was a major contributor to the Firefly Official Companion books.


I said I'd do my best. I didn't say it would be any good.
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Re: All about us. What we do in the real world........

Postby Bronson BB » Thu May 28, 2009 2:23 pm


I'm Dan, American, just turned 39.
I'm just about to move out of the house I've called (mostly) home since I was 2.
Nepotism got me working in an Army National Guard supply depot some years back, but brain cells let me stay there. I went from forklift jock to warehouse computer support guy to the states Email Admin, all for the Guard. Now I'm still an email guy, but for a gub'mint contractor.
I've loved Firefly since I saw the first promos for it, but didn't even hear about the fandom until about a year or so ago. Now I just hope to be in a position to help keep the franchise alive, should the opportunity ever present itself.

I want to make a difference!

Bronson BB (Beerbelly)
P.S. - If you know where my alias comes from; "Hail the Tiki!"
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Bronson BB
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Re: All about us. What we do in the real world........

Postby keelhauler » Thu May 28, 2009 3:55 pm


I'm Sean, American, 39, Librarian.

I've been in the library world for eight years, mostly in academic libraries, but I did a brief stint as the manager of a very tiny rural library. I never considered this as a career, but after I took my first library job as an interim position until I found something else, I realized that I loved working in a library and helping patrons. So, here I am.

I came to Firefly with the premiere of the Train Job back in Sept 2002. I wasn't totally sold on the show at first, but liked the feel of it and thought, "hmm.. has potential." By the end of the show I was loving it! I didn't become a die-hard fan until the release of the DVD box set, when I started watching the show over, and over, and over, and...... About two years ago I fell into the fandom and prop world and got hooked on everything 'verse related.

I literally can't get enough of Firefly! It's like second-life to me. Props, collectibles, comics, fan stuff....It's all simply fantastic! I'd sell my soul to have the show resurrected!

I just have to mention that my wife didn't like Firefly, at first. She said, "spaceships and horses? that's dumb." She has since become a dedicated Browncoat, but I never let her forget her initial reaction! :lol: She's gonna kill me for telling everyone! :o :evil:

Anyway, I'm looking forward to sharing my love of the 'verse with everyone on the forum and to seeing what you all have to say and to share!

We're still flyin'!
"Heard tell they used to keelhaul traitors back in the day" ~ Malcolm Reynolds
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Re: All about us. What we do in the real world........

Postby xardoz » Thu May 28, 2009 4:33 pm

Brian, American, 41, former journalist, now a website pixel-pusher for a public school district.

Caught the first five minutes of "Our Mrs. Reynolds" when it premiered and just did not get it. Newspaper hours and Fox jimmying the schedule kept me from ever catching another episode and then it was cancelled. Years later, word of mouth drew me to the BDM, which drew me into the series on DVD. Saw the episodes in the intended order and I was HOOKED. Showed 'em to The Missus and now she's hooked.
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Re: All about us. What we do in the real world........

Postby Laubi » Thu May 28, 2009 7:00 pm

Laubi (yep. in the real world too ^^ but my parents call me Andreas ;)), German, 23, Model Maker (trainee)

I'm working at a campany wich is working mostly with acrylglass. Models, Exhibitions, Showrooms, Trophys... way to many things ^^ just take a look at our homepage: axis Expotechnik (only german, but many pics...)
Well. I started at the workshop putting the pieces together. I was in the section where we worked much with LEDs and lightpanels etc. Now I'm working mostly in the bureau, planning things, doing drawings for the milling machine / laser and I have to update the homepage (went online last week, so it's still not all included). But when I'm needed I still work in the workshop too. And we can use all the machines in our freetime.... 8-)

So. great job, especially for our hobby *g*

In the freetime I'm digitally coloring pictures, photoshopping etc. If you want to see, what I've colored so far, click here: Laubi on DeviantArt.com
I'm a big Star Wars fan too, and got a costume of a Royal Guard. I'm in the 501st and so I'm often on Events wearing the Costume.... ^^ I'm active in the fandom in many other ways too, but well, we're here to talk about the 'verse!

I first heard from firefly in the late 2002 / early 2003. I bought a german Sci-Fi magazine and only read the small article about the "western sci-fi series" casually, but it got my interest and I searched the Internet, found not much about it and downloaded all the episodes out there (not all were aired at that point). I watched it and got thrilled! I told all my friends about it but they don't even wanted to watch only one episode, so I had nobody to talk about it. A few years later I saw the DVD on the net and bought it, showed it to my friends (new ones, not from school ^^) and since this time, firefly hat some more fans *g*

so... that's enough ^^
have fun storming the castle....
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Re: All about us. What we do in the real world........

Postby Easy » Fri May 29, 2009 7:52 pm


I told you before - I am 24 and I am from Germany too. At the moment I am finishing my studies of English and Mathematics at university (and due to that I am a bit ashamed of my bad English as I am going to become a teacher of English... well... never mind - got another year at university first).

So, no huge history - I lived in Scotland for a few month, working as an au pair for a horrible family (that was in 2005).
I became a big Star Wars fan in 2000 when I watched the original trilogy on tv. Since then I am dedicated to the saga. I made costumes - a rather good Twi'lek and a nice Mara Jade and couldn't help to find other movies that I started to love. Today there are not just Mara and a Twi'lek but also a scottish pirate called Joana and Scarlett (the one of the whores from "Pirates of the Caribbean - Dead man's chest" and "At World's End").
Only recently we (that's me and my boyfriend) discovered firefly and serenity. A friend put our noses on it after I mentioned that we finished watching the Stagate SG1 series.
I've got to admit - I didn't like it first.

I absolutely hate realistic war stories and that is exactly what the beginning of the first episode looked like. And then there was a cut and there was a man outside in space in a spacesuit. And there was no noise. How boooooring.
Well - the dinosaurs... - "and i call it...this land....". Oh come on, please!

I just hated it. Every bit.
But then it turned out there were great characters, weird (for scifi) but great music and a 'verse full of possibilities and finally - no noise in space which fits! I can't imagine Star Wars without noise in space - but I can't imagine firefly with noise in space either :-)
I love it. :roll:

In December last year I moved from my parents to my own flat. Well - the bedroom got kind of Pirates of the Caribbeanish - my 'office' is Star Warsish - the hall is Sweeny Toddish (yeah - blood all around - nice for everyone who enters) and the kitchen and living room are fireflyish. :-)
"What's that ship called? Rusty would be fitting, don't you think?"
"She's called Nesaya, dong ma!?"
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Re: All about us. What we do in the real world........

Postby Goodwolf » Sat May 30, 2009 6:12 pm

Brad, 40 in June, and I'm a zookeeper at Busch Gardens in Tampa, Florida.

I got into Firefly in... I think it was 2005. We were at Dragon Con in Atlanta, Georgia and I kept seeing these huge lines to get into certain events. When I asked around I was told, slightly incredulously, that they were "firefly" events.

Wait, what? WTF is a firefly event? So while I wasn't exactly sold on the show by the attitude, I *did* wonder what I was missing out on that was such a huge draw at D*C. So I came home, *cough*downloaded*cough* the episodes...

And fell in love. Understand it was all pretty much over for the show then, so I totally missed the boat, but made up for lost time handily. I grew up on a farm and I'm not kidding in the least when I tell you that the way Mal talks is the way I talked growing up. My grandmother would understand the show perfectly, except for the Chinese. So it was nice to see a sci fi show where things were a bit dirty, a bit used, and the heroes didn't speak gramatically perfect english. So if you ever hear me speak, just know that it's not that I "try" to sound firelfy, I just do. ;)

I think I'm a little different from most people who call themselves Browncoats in that while I do love the show, I also share Mal's philosophy with regard to big government and individual freedom, but that's for another thread.

Oh and Easy, I wouldn't sweat the lack of English. My English teacher in the 6th grade was from Germany. You'll do fine I'm sure.

Any of you lot come to Tampa and wanna go to BG, gimme a ping. If I have any spare tickets I'm always glad to share the wealth with fellow Browncoats.
May have been on the losin' side, still not convinced it was the wrong one.
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Re: All about us. What we do in the real world........

Postby WebChief » Wed Jun 03, 2009 8:08 pm

Hey all,

I'm Bob, 37 from Tewksbury, MA....just north of Boston. I see a few names I recognize from other forums here!

I joined this forum on the suggestion of a friend, Brian (a.k.a. Stormtrooperguy). We're both big Firefly fans... and both big Jayne fans specifically.

Like others here, I completely missed the boat when Firefly originally aired and if not for people like Brian suggesting that I watch the DVDs I would have never looked into it. I can remember when I first saw the Serenity movie trailer... that was the first time I actually saw Firefly... I thought it looked ridiculous. Western in space? What?

Yeah, switch to now and I miss it like I miss a long, lost part of my family. I can't believe the emotional hook this show has on it's fans. The only thing I've seen come close is Star Wars and to some extent... Battlestar Galactica. Fans just LOVE it... they wish they could LIVE in it!

I'm a webdesigner by trade, costuming junkie for fun. I'm a member of the 501st (CO of the New England Garrison), as well as a member of many prop forums like TDH, the RPF, Sci-Fi Hero.net, The Colonial Fleet, ASAP and many more.

Lastly, as part of my costuming habit...errmmm I mean hobby... I dress as Jayne Cobb. I have an amazing mo-hair hat that my Ma made fer me.... just like Jayne's did. I have many of the T's he's made famous, the weapons, etc...

I look forward to talking with y'all about the 'verse.
Bob Gouveia

"What we do in life, echoes in eternity."
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Re: All about us. What we do in the real world........

Postby Yellowjacket » Tue Jun 09, 2009 3:32 pm

My name is William Pace. I'm 38, American, and married with two children.

I work as a graphic designer, sculptor, photographer, and for the present, a local Can't Stop the Serenity organizer (a full-time job in and of itself). I live and work out of Logan, Utah and I help organize events for the Utah Browncoats on a regular basis. I'm the Art director for Tower Ravens, a role-playing company, and I travel to conventions nationwide. I've also worked in stage and film.

I'm a veteran of Firefly, being one of the few who tuned in day one to watch the airing of Train Job. It's been an obsession ever since. I've created numerous fan made props and I recently killed a week of my life creating the ARC of the Verse, a supplement to the Official Map of the Verse and the White Paper.

I've lived all over the world and enjoy traveling to new places as often as finances permit.

Like punctated, I'm into 17th and 18th century historical reenactment and I help run the historical encampments at the Fort Zachary Taylor Pirate Fest at Pirates in Paradise in Key West. Canons, tall ships and hard tack.

I recently watched all of Firefly and Serenity and the extras in two days. Again.
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Re: All about us. What we do in the real world........

Postby Birdie » Wed Jun 10, 2009 9:55 pm

I'm Simon, 42, English, originally from Surrey, now residing on the Wirral in Merseyside.

I first got into Firefly by downloading episodes through P2P when the show first aired in the US. I was a huge Buffy fan and wanted to see what Joss did next...the rest is history.

I'm a mental health support worker, qualified as a journalist, but hated the reality of a life in business publications (Temperature Controlled Storage & Distribution Magazine anyone? :lol: )

Been into props and member of the RPF since 2000. I onlt started building stuff because a lot of the things I wanted weren't available to buy from anyone :)

I guess I built the first Firefly props on the RPF (very iffy Mal & Jayne pistol replicas). Seems strange now, but no-one else seemed to get into the show until the DVDs came out.

TBH, I burnt out on Firefly for a while. I was underwhelmed by the movie, though it has grown on me with the repeated viewings, and the whole Browncoat thing with the fans got a bit too obsessive and OTT for my poor, reserved, British sensibility.

I recently had the pleasure of introducing the show to my girlfriend, who loves it, and the old passion came flooding back.
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