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My (new) Firefly/Serenity Collection Thread

Props So Nice They Had To Show Them Twice. Or more.

Re: My (new) Firefly/Serenity Collection Thread

Postby Yellowjacket » Sat Apr 14, 2018 2:07 am

pennausamike wrote:Independent Medical Patches

I thought these would generate a great deal of interest in the geeky medical community,
but as near as I can tell, there is NO geeky medical community.
I've donated these at three events now, and I have never had a real-life medical practitioner
(nurse, doctor, EMT, ambulance driver, MRI Tech, nobody)
ever tell me they were excited to find these EU Firefly items.

Weird. You must be in some very specific vortex. I have had so many EMTs, ex-combat medics, nurses, surgeons and other emergency services people stop at out booths when they see these. People ask all the time. One guy bought medical patches for himself and three other EMTs on his team once. I've sent these patches to EMTs and Medical professionals all over the place.

I love your collections. I haven't thought of the Paladin in ages. I actually have a follow up design for support fighters that protect the Paladin. I should get those into the queue.
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