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A group thing?

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A group thing?

Postby jason1976 » Wed May 28, 2014 9:59 pm

There are already some "interest threads", for great stuff, over in the market place right now, and a number of us thinking of future projects, so what I'm about to bring up, isn't really for now (Unless that's what folks want), as much as an idea for the future.

Now we maybe way too small of a group to pull this off, but I was thinking it might be kind of fun to do a group project at some point.

For example (and this is just for example, it really could be anything, and it could be done very differently then I am laying out this example.) Maybe we all work together in a thread, to come up with one of these EU companies. Anyone who wants to, could throw in ideas, for the company name, what they do, where they fit in the time line, and what their back story might be. We would work together to shape it into a story we all like. (can't please all the people all the time, but we can be patient, and respectful, and try to make as many happy as we can. )

Then phase two, might be for anyone that wants to, to submit design ideas for that companies patch, ID badge, maybe a leather holder for the badge, and maybe even a new type of bank note, or FAKE "credit card" we have not yet seen. We could either, all vote on the designs for each item, or we could just give our honest feedback, until we work out a design for each, that makes the most people happy, happy, happy.

Once the design of each part is finalized, people would be welcomed to volunteer for each job. One person might take on getting the patches made. (and yes we would pay for the patches we order from that person.) Another person could print, and laminate the badges. (and we would each pay them for at least the materials required for making each of our badges, and for the shipping.) Another person might make the leather holder for the ID.(And would get paid for those items, by those that order one.) And someone could do the bank notes, or FAKE credit cards. (again, they would be paid by each person, for what ever they order.)

And there might be more nebulas tasks as well. Like I'm working (and I'm so ways off from finishing this) seeing if any of the materials from shapeways, will hold up to leather stamping. WS&F works ok, if you put it on a wood block, put that on top of some moistened leather, and put another wood block behind it, and clamp that all together, but I know that's not how leather stamping is usually done. The point is, it may be possible for one person to produce that stamp, at a good price, and pass that on to the leather working to do the badge holders. Maybe some gets a rubber stamp made for the company, for envelopes and such. Or maybe there are more paper props to be made. etc. etc. etc.

We could take it very slowly, and do it one step at a time. (to give us time to get each part done, and to give us all something to look forward to.) Each person can contribute, according to their gifts, and each person could decide how much of the "Merch" They want to buy. One person might want 1 of everything. Another person, might want to order the patch, and ID holder, but want to do the rest at home, on there own, and that's fine too. You might have 20 people order patches, and only 5 order ID holders, and that's fine, as long as it's fine with the person that takes on each of those tasks.

Through Photoshop we could even do a company photo. each person could submit a simple head shot, lit from the same angle. (to keep it simple lets just say either built in camera flash, or standard overhead lighting, like yo might find in any public indoor place. which ever the most people feel the could manage.) Against a sold back ground. (it don't have to be blue screen, just as long as it is one sold color to make it easy to separate you from the back ground) then we could find an existing group photo with enough people in it, photoshop the patches, faces, badges, etc. on to the people in the photo, and..... well you get the idea. Actually if each person thinks they could manage it, if would be even better if everyone could do a full body shot, in whatever they want to slap a patch on, again, with a solid back ground and similar lighting to everyone else. Then we could put them all together in photoshop, to have a more accurate photo. We wouldn't all have to be wearing jump suits or anything, but what ever hat, shirt, or jacket, etc. you wanted to put it on. I mean, it could have been taken at the company picnic, or maybe they have a casual dress code. Whatever the case it might be a nice way to finish it all up, when all is said and done.

This is just one example of what we could do. Why do anything likethis at all, especially when so many of us have stakes of unfinished projects we need to work on already? Because, this is something that anyone can ba a part of. It gives everyone a chance to offer their input from the start. And, it gives something to further unite us. When any of use hold any of the items that come from the joint project, they can know that they had a part in it, weather that be the story, the design, the manufacturing, or just order some of the item to make sure the runs happen. And, when any of us see someone at a cone with one of those patches, or badges, etc. we would know we had a hand in it, and that the person wearing it, just might have as well.

Oh, and I'm not saying something like this has not been tried on other forums, and I'm not sayin' it went perfect on those forums, but this is a new day, our forum (Well FNS's forum. :) ), and it's not like there hasn't alread been a number of times, whee folks here have helped each other out, given feedback, and helped support runs. Together we could do something mighty. :) (or at least something really, REALLY, nerdy. :lol:)

anyways, just a thought.
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Re: A group thing?

Postby taimdala » Sun Jun 08, 2014 2:00 am

What sort of things would be suitable for a group project?

1. A Verse company
2. Space station
3. University or School
4. Music concert tour
5. Vacation resort
6. Ark museum (a museum of the Ark Ships that transported humanity to the Verse from Earth That Was)
7. Used Spaceship Yard
8. Secret facility, either military or civilian
9. Government agency or department--Alliance or Independent/Non-Afilliated
10. General consumer products--stuff you'd buy in a store or mail order off the Cortex
11. Periodicals--say a magazine, where we'd all contribute content and print out. (I have an idea for this one but it's one of those backburnered projects I work on and set aside and go back to as time permits.)
12. Costuming/Tee shirt art
13. Posters, printed poster size--info graphics would be a nice category; or schematics, as you can do cut-aways and such.
14. Music: I can't compose music. Someone else might be able to, though.
15. Digital comics/graphic novels--this would be a labor of love, as it takes time to draw pictures digitally and script the story, break it down into panels and beats and then letter and color and all that. But I thought I'd mention it. I have six years of RPG campaigning in the Verse and they'd be a decent comic or novel series on their own.

Okay, I think I contributed enough. Time to let others add their own ideas.
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Re: A group thing?

Postby taimdala » Sun May 31, 2015 2:43 am

*Bump!* for the thread. :D
"Never, never, never give in ... except to convictions of honor and good sense."
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