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Postby pennausamike » Tue Jan 03, 2012 6:27 pm

I have three different Alliance costumes,
an SST armor set,
a leather short jacket with patch and collar pips,
and a long, sleeveless leather coat ala Skunk from "The Message";
all worn with gray BDU's w/ Alliance patch and an Alliance flat hat.

I don't mind wearing them, because in Joss'es 'verse, where good and evil isn't black and white;
I imagine there are members of the Alliance who don't support the negative aspects of their government.
I see many interesting stories about folks working within the system and behind-the-scenes
trying to effect change in the Alliance and the relationship with the Rim Worlds.

And of course, the Alliance uniforms are more immediately recognized as a costume,
even if folks aren't always sure of the franchise.

A Browncoat costume I'm working on is a Firefly gunship crewman.
A flight helmet painted like the ground pounders' helmets,
(mottled tan with a black center stripe)
leather jacket, oxygen mask, maybe some body armor and a few Independents patches
should make this an obvious 'verse costume.
I don't have a lot done, but have been assembling pieces here-and-there.

I'm always glad to hear others are starting to grow the 'verse,
since there is no official content to speak of,
and recycling the same-old-same-old original characters has already been done.

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