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Modded QMx Mal Pistol + wood grips

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Modded QMx Mal Pistol + wood grips

Postby Joatrash » Sat May 27, 2017 11:38 pm

This is a MODDED copy of the wonky-barrel stunt-cast replicas that QMx put out a few years ago.

Barrel removed and reseated (pinned) straight
Thumscrews removed and reseated (pinned) straight
Paint weathering has been redone to take off the spray painted and brushed look
Brass(gold pigment rubbed onto the plating to bring out more shine
Cast-in screws have been painted with gunmetal enamel to match blackened screws

A set of unmounted WOOD GRIPS is included. (Can't remember if these are Badger's or not.)

Asking $225 + 25 shipping for the set.

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