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47 and 47A Side by Side

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Re: 47 and 47A Side by Side

Postby monkey540 » Tue Dec 15, 2015 9:39 pm

pennausamike wrote:Some info from my Sidkit builds, but I used the Badger thumbscrews on mine:

Drilled and tapped the shrouds for the set screws to hold the thumbscrews.
I hand drilled the knurled knobs and the frame mounting dimples for a 4-40 X 1/2"L set screws on the first Mal pistol.
Even the QMx knurled knobs are glued on.
Mine came with one detached; I glued it back on.
This lousy picture got worse when it converted to a JPEG
I have the tap size listed as either 3mm (Badger thumbscrews) or 4-40
which is what I drilled the Sidkit thumbscrews.


The top pistol in the pic below has the Sidkit thumbscrews,
the lower example has the nickel-plated-brass thumbscrews.


Maybe that helps,

Looks like my 4 mm thumbscrews would work for a sidkit, but are too big for Badger's thread holes.

My QMX also had loose thumbscrews I had to glue back in, mine was a polystone one, not sure if yours was one of the earlier ones.

For a cheap alternative, i'd suggest one of mine in white plastic or frosted acrylic to get the fine details. and just drill the correct hole size. Or if you want metal, you can try the model I uploaded as well.

Lots o choice.
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