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Longmire - some Firefly-ish elements!

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Longmire - some Firefly-ish elements!

Postby ToyVaultZac » Thu Nov 20, 2014 7:09 am

Anyone here fans of the show, 'Longmire'? It had previously been airing on A&E, was recently dropped, and just today Netflix announced that they were picking it up for a 4th season.

I feel like Firefly fans who are particularly fond of the cowboy antics on the show would really like 'Longmire', which is easily my favorite TV show 'currently' on. It has a lot of the dry wit of Firefly, with the obvious element of cowboys and the wide open range. Some of the trippier on-the-edge-of-being-scifi-like stuff with the Native American spiritualism is really intriguing too. Plus it stars Starbuck and occasionally features Robocop! There's an element to Sheriff Longmire that is reminiscent of Mal, I think, in his sense of cowboy honor and pride, but with a willingness to bend or break the rules in order to see the right thing done... not to mention the brown coat he's always in.

If you haven't checked it out, I highly recommend it. The first two seasons are on Netflix, and I reckon Season 3 will hit sometime early next year.

(and if anyone is curious, no, Toy Vault doesn't have the license for the show... although now that I think about it, I wouldn't mind having a little plush Katee Sackhoff to keep around)
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Re: Longmire - some Firefly-ish elements!

Postby zaebra » Thu Nov 20, 2014 4:52 pm

i've seen the first couple of seasons and definitely see the parallels. it's a bit slower to hook you in as a viewer when compared to firefly, but that's an unfair comparison. :) i agree that it's a good show and worth a watch! plus, it's downright hilarious watching lou diamond philips delivering stereotypically "indian" lines with a straight face. i keep expecting him to say "how, white man" and not even crack a smile!
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Re: Longmire - some Firefly-ish elements!

Postby Mike J. » Thu Nov 20, 2014 11:12 pm

Big fan of Longmire here, and delighted to hear it got picked up. Now we'll find out if Branch is dead or not.
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Re: Longmire - some Firefly-ish elements!

Postby Miker » Mon Jan 19, 2015 3:10 am

Yes, I liked it and was disappointed to see it go. Like firefly it had wide open spaces and was very gritty. If you got into trouble out there you where on your own.
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