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Artist John R. Mullaney does it again!

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Artist John R. Mullaney does it again!

Postby taimdala » Wed Jul 22, 2015 4:06 pm

He's the artist who did the fantastic Firefly and Inara's Shuttle cut-away posters for QMx. He's done it again with the APC from Aliens. I'm posting the news here because of his past association with our favorite BDHs and also because the MUSIC that accompanies the time-lapse video is so damned cool!

So in addition to finding out about a new artist, I find a whole new band to listen to. They're called
Last Picture Show and they have their music posted to Soundcloud so you can listen and download. They're a broad mix of instrumentals, soundtracks, and vocals. The uniting thread throughout is their kick-ass guitar work.

Pretty cool ... and I would never have found out about it if a friend hadn't posted it to his google+ (Thanks, Chris!)
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