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Alliance food bars

Episode 1 - Serenity

Re: Alliance food bars

Postby monkey540 » Mon Sep 21, 2015 1:24 am

pennausamike wrote:
monkey540 wrote:Yup I saw that and used it for the dimensions given and thank you for that,
however, none of the dimensions I've marked on my diagram are in those pics.

The dimension of the center oval (1.080") is shown there,
unless your red lines marking that aren't part of the dimensions you're looking for.
Also, you can extrapolate the other dimensions you are looking for
by creating a "scale" from given dimensions and applying them to the distances you are looking for.
I used that approach on my sonic,


I don't know how clearly it shows in the pictures,
but I created drawing scales from the known distances in the photographs,

and there are plenty of known sizes in the original scaled pictures to get everything but the depths.
I'll see if I can dig mine out and check at some point.


I chose an arbitrary offset for the second oval shape from the center, the 2 dimensions would firm up if I was correct or not. The outside oval is an arbitrary distance as well. But I think you are right, I'll try to take the measurements from the scan that was provided. The only measurement left is the depths, thanks again Mike.
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