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Alliance Hat/Shoulder Lightning Patch

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Re: Alliance Hat/Shoulder Lightning Patch

Postby taimdala » Sat May 17, 2014 5:19 am

pennausamike wrote:QMx originally released the small 12th Cav patches around the time they first released the Cerberus T-shirt with the 12th Cav emblem on the back.
I wrote a product review for their website saying that they were nicely detailed
but were too subdued (compared to the T-shirt emblem) and didn't impress as I felt they should.
I think QMx intended for the patches to be worn on baseball caps more than as a sleeve patch.
After a period of time
(the sale of the first production run, I assume)
QMx re-released the 12th Cav patch in the larger size.
As a customer I appreciated that they had listened to the customer
(and I'm also assuming that I wasn't the only person to express disappointment with the patch)
and the changed the patch to more reflect the vibrant colors of the emblem as seen on the T-shirt.
I changed my review on the QMx site to reflect my opinion that the larger patch was more eye-catching.

I also liked the option of the smaller patch, but QMx only seems to be willing to hold inventories of a single item.
And if they are only going to carry one 12th Cav patch, it should be the brighter, larger one.


Coming to this late, I have to say that I regret not getting the larger patch when I had the chance. Back then, however, I hadn't yet grokked the method by which QMx maintained its inventory. (Read: one run, usually, and that's it.) Had I known that they would not continue to carry what I liked, I would have bought more and sooner.

Does anyone remember the Black Market Beagle merchandise they'd brought over? Can anyone find it on their website now? Yeah, no. Me, neither. When they do stuff like this, I come away with the suspicion that they "took" over a fan and just removed them from the market by offering to sell their products ... before discontinuing it. Kinda like a gentle version of a C&D, but the end result is still the same: No more merch.

Returning to topic, while I regret not getting the larger version of the patch, I would really like more to get several extra of the smaller patch. As a short woman, I can wear the smaller version much better than the large and it's the perfect size for a cap. I have mine on a khaki cap with a rubber tire tread bill and live in fear of losing it, even as I wear it everywhere.

Such is the price of buying highly individual items such as Verse merchandise. It's rare and valuable and once it's gone, it's unlikely to be seen again. ;)
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